Positive Developments in Hampton!

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Within the last few months, I have been reading and seeing many new developments happening in Hampton.  These developments are positive, show an economic upturn for our community, and makes being a local resident quite enjoyable and pleasant.

Buckroe Beach Farmers Market
Though we have missed out on the floating water park that was suppose to be an attraction this summer at Buckroe (and perhaps for the best), we now have the
Buckroe Beach Farmers Market where Hamptonians and others can purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables and other products.  Runs to the middle of November.
In addition of the market, it seems that a new restaurant is being added to Buckroe.  The name is Coasters Beach Grill and will receive a happy welcome as Buckroe Avenue turns into a restaurant row.

Coasters Beach Grill

Honorable mention to both Stingee Midjit which makes a great fish and chips meal and a deep fried lobster tail as well as Heavens Pizza and Tap House serving freshly made pizzas with natural ingredients and a great beer on the side.


Further down the road in Phoebus, the new restaurant, Stuft, which was originally known for its food truck seems to be already doing quite well serving food and hosting live music.


Along the famed Mellen Street in Phoebus, where there are already some great restaurants, Mango Mangeaux, El Diablo, The Point at Phoebus, as well as the long established Old Town Tavern, there is another coming this summer — a new mid-sized venue for parties and events called The Hampton: A Simply Panache Venue. Sounds quite interesting.




Another new development not involving food is the opening of Hampton’s $5.4 million Waterwalk  featuring a 2.25 mile section of a nature trail along Newmarket Creek connecting the Air Power Park Museum and the Power Plant shopping area.
What about new home/apartment construction?  I am seeing a lot of this activity along North Mallory close to Buckroe.


So let’s have a great summer this year as we see constant  and definite growth in our fine city.  May it continue!

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