Make It Yours: Essential Resources for Getting Settled in Your New Home

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You bought a house (congrats!), moved the stuff in – but now what?. We won’t sugarcoat it; there’s a lot to do. Want to avoid feeling unsettled and chaotic and fast forward to the good stuff? Real Estate with Mr. G shares how you can do so with this handy resource guide.

Around the House

Save yourself future headaches by tackling these tasks within your home to start:

  • Connect with your realtor: Expert realtors like Christopher Garguilo will ensure you’re aware of any repairs and updates you need to make to the house before settling in.
  • Secure your home: You never know how many previous tenants have keys to your place, so it’s prudent to change out locks, home alarms, and garage codes.
  • Unpack: Use an unpacking checklist or go room to room to quickly finish the unpacking.

Around the Neighborhood

After setting up your home, it’s time to venture to new lands – your neighborhood.

  • Quick errands: Stock up on groceries (The Kitchen has a handy guide to help you rebuild your pantry and fridge from scratch) and buy any tools you might need (tape measure, screwdrivers, and crescent wrench always come in handy).
  • Meet the neighbors: If you bump into your neighbors, stop by and introduce yourself. Throwing a housewarming party is another casual way to reach out.
  • Go local: Support your local businesses – this is also a great way to explore the area. Local coffee shops, yoga studios, and decor stores typically have friendly employees with great local recommendations.

Next steps

What next? Take care of the following for easy living:

  • DMV: Find your local DMV and get your insurance and registration updated.
  • Pursue a new job: If you want to make a career switch, consider pursuing an online degree at WGU to brush up on the skills and know-how needed for the job.
  • Do a deep clean: You may have lots of dust and debris floating around from building furniture and unpacking boxes. A deep cleaning will be good for the home (and the soul).

When you move, there’s a lot to do – from unpacking boxes to getting to know your neighbors and new area. But by prioritizing these tasks upfront, you’re also ensuring your house feels like home sooner rather than later. Happy settling in!

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