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05-14-22 “How today’s mortgage rates impact your home purchases.”

05-07-22 “Three (3) tips for First Time Home Buyers.”

04-30-22 “”What you need to know about selling in a seller’s market.”

04-23-30 “How to approach rising mortgage rates as a buyer.”

04-09-22 “What you need to budget for when you purchase a home.”

04-22-22 “Reasons to Purchase a Condo”

03-26-22 “What can you expect from the Spring Housing Market”

03-12-22 “How Global Uncertainty is impacting Mortgage Rates”

03-05-22 “Are we headed to a crash Part II”

02-27-22 “Are we heading to another housing crash?”

02-19-22 “My Conversation with Ace Abellana, Director of Business Development, Rocket Title

02-19-22 “4 Graphs that shows this is NOT a Housing Bubble”

02-12-22 “Is it still a good time to buy a home?”

02-05-2022 “Why Your Home Inspection Matters!”

01-29-22 “Why Pre-Approval is Key for Homebuyers in 2022” Season 2, Episode 5.

01-22-22 “Where are mortgage rates headed for 2022.”

01-15-22 “Two Ways Buyers can win in 2022”

01-08-22 “Don’t wait to Spring to sell!”

01-01-22 “Expert Insights on the 2022 Housing Market”

12/25/21 “When a House becomes a Home!”

12/11/21 “Why it just became easier to buy a home.”

12/04/21 “Selling Tips You Should IGNORE!”

11-28-21 “Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Professional

11-21-21 “The 10 Steps in the Home Buying Process”

11-20-21 “Why getting Pre-Approved is the first step in the homebuying process.”

11-13-21 “What’s Happening with Home Prices”

11-06-21 “Rent vs. Owning”

10-29-21 “Appraisals Versus Home Inspections”

10-23-21 “Less Affordable or Not Affordable?”

10-16-21 “Should I renovate or should I move?”

10-09-21 “Demand and Supply and the Market”

10-03-21 “Early October is the sweet spot for buyers!”

09-25-21 “Buyer and Seller Questions”

09-18-21 “Making your Best Offer”

09-11-21 “Home price appreciation is skyrocketing in 2021, but what about 2022?”

08-21-21 “More Young Buyers are entering the market!”

08-14-21 “What about condos?”

08-07-21 With Rents Rising, is now the time to buy?”

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07-31-21 “Interview with Hawkeye Inspections”

07/24/21 “Is the Housing Market cooling down?”

07-17-21 “Diving Deep into Today’s Biggest Buyer’s Concerns”

07-10-21 “The Truths Young Homebuyers Need to Hear!”



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